sustainability at lanka yoga

we care about the earth

We make a considerable effort to minimise any negative impact on the environment and give back more than we take.

our commitment to sustainability

land management

We prioritised preserving green space during the construction of our centre by building the guest block underground and replanting greenery on top. Our active efforts include restoring the wilderness through soil and plant regeneration.

overall design & build

Our new buildings emphasise natural cooling to eliminate the need for energy-intensive air conditioning. Modifications to the original villa aim to reduce power reliance and enhance natural cooling.

water managment

To minimise water usage, we capture, treat, and reuse rainwater. Our taps and showers are designed for water conservation, and solar-powered water heaters are in use. A sophisticated wastewater treatment plant ensures all water is converted into nutrient-rich water for our garden.

power usage & solar

Our approach involves designing energy-efficient buildings, eliminating unnecessary or inefficient lighting, and upgrading to energy-efficient appliances. A 9.5kW solar system covers half of our power needs, reducing our carbon footprint and energy costs.

trash minimisation & management

Our waste management initiative, serving over 70 homes, promotes responsible disposal practices through education, providing tools for safe waste disposal, and facilitating eco-friendly collection and disposal.

growing our own food

Inheriting mature fruit trees and maintaining a vegetable and spice garden, we enjoy fresh produce year-round. Our commitment to sustainability includes using homemade compost, creating a cyclical nutrient loop, and reducing our environmental impact through self-sustenance.

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