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we make a considerable effort to have zero negative impact on the environment and give back more than we take

Water management

We use a lot of water for the garden, and for all the people that stay here. To counter this, we are building a rainwater catchment and filtration system to combine with our well and government line water so we can one day achieve water independence. We also use water-saving taps and showers to reduce overall water use. Furthermore, we heat all water in the building with solar hot water systems.

Overall design & build

When building, we decided not to disrupt the green space, and instead built our guest block underground to keep the grass space. In doing this, the green space and tree cover on our property didn’t shrink, and in the long term actually grow. In the mismanaged land we encounter, we are restoring the wilderness by passive and active regeneration.

Trash minimisation & managment

Plastic pollution is a massive problem all over the world, and we are not interested in contributing to it. We, therefore, minimise our waste to the maximum by working with wholesalers and eco partners in the industry to use less, use smarter and recycle everything possible. We also track and record out waste to know how we can minimise waste into the future.

Power usage & solar

We have installed a 9kw solar system. In the longer term, we would love to experiment with batteries so we can go off-grid and better manage power cuts.  Solar panels also help by absorbing the solar radiation on the roof to cool our buildings naturally. This, of course, adds to our solar-powered hot water systems that we already have installed.

The water treatment plan

To deal with our wastewater, we assembled a treatment plan to treat all drain water and sewage onsite. This five-stage process uses bacteria, aeration and finally filtration to convert the wastewater into safe, rich liquid fertiliser for the garden. This creates a nutrient loop and prevents any untreated water finding its way into the soil or the beautiful lake.

Growing our own food

We are so lucky to have inherited tens of fruit trees including coconut, jackfruit, mango, donka, curry leaf and rambutan which feed us throughout the year. To expands on this, we have planted many more of our favourites like papaya, and local fruit trees as well.  We now also have an expansive veggie and spice garden. There is something so rewarding about growing your own food, and it’s about as sustainable as you can get. And that is before you consider the circular nutrient loop and water management practices we follow as well. 

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